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Blockchain is a new technology which has huge potential to disrupt conventional frameworks for processing transactions. Whilst the latent opportunity remains clear, it needs to be set against the importance of carefully matching the supply and demand side in a nascent market.

At Blockchain Hub we advocate a structured examination of the problem the organisation is looking to solve, the suitability of blockchain as a technology, and methodical engagement with the supply market to support deployment of the technology.


After 20 years of working in senior Ops and Tech strategy roles in the Bank of England, A.T. Kearney, Fujitsu, and Deutsche Bank, the importance of blockchain technology was clear.

Haydn Jones established Blockchain Hub to help organisations explore this novel technology.


Haydn Jones is Founder and Managing Director of Blockchain Hub.

He is a former General Manager of the Japanese, global technology company Fujitsu, and has held senior Ops and Tech strategy roles in the Bank of England, A.T. Kearney and Deutsche Bank.

He is an Engineer, holding an M.Eng from Manchester University, with English Bar exams and a Fellow of the IET. He is an inclusive, driven, highly creative, strategist. He has a broad interest in science and geo-politics. Above all, he is a realist.

Blockchain Hub has access to a broad network of specialist suppliers and advisors which can support a full engagement cycle from baseline analysis, and due diligence through to deploy and govern.

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Haydn Jones

Founder & Managing Director

Blockchain Reality

Blockchain is real - explore blockchain live.